General Terms and Conditions of Sale

1. Scope

These general conditions of sale apply to all sales made on the Internet site subject to specific conditions indicated in the product presentation. These terms may be changed at any time, without notice by the site administrator. any time.

2. Identification

Christophe Avonture
rue de Pellaines 71
4287 Racour

Field of activity: Computer support and consultancy services; internet portal.

Business under tax-exemption scheme.

3. Description of items

The website sells a php software application protecting and optimizing websites running on Apache. This software is called aeSecure.

In the absence of a license specifying other conditions, the downloaded files are intended to be used exclusively by the purchaser. They may be used on multiple sites and multiple domains belonging to the customer. They cannot be resold, rented or transferred free of charge, any representation or reproduction of these files, in whole or in part is strictly prohibited and expose the holder to legal prosecution.

aeSecure files are not under GPL. They are commercial digital products and may not be modified or redistributed.

4. Orders

All orders are placed exclusively via the Internet site. Payment is made on ordering.

Clicking on the "Buy" button on the screen that summarizes the order constitutes an electronic signature which expressly certifies consent without reservation by the client to these terms of sale and special conditions (especially the price) of each file purchased. Therefore, the client waives any contradictory document, including his/her own general conditions of purchase.

The client may cancel his/her order prior to validating the payment of the order.

Any order fraught with a risk fraud can be blocked by the administrator at the payment stage.

5. Item Availability

Items purchased by the client are immediately accessible by the client after being purchased on a 24 hour/7day basis and throughout the duration of the subscription. The site administrator nevertheless reserves the right to temporarily close access to the site without notice.

The software download is available on this download page:

The administrator cannot be held responsible for technical issues beyond his service or control, such as connection problems due to Internet Access Providers or computer problems caused by hardware or the client's software.

6. Price

Product prices are net prices in Euros. All orders are invoiced in Euros and payable in Euros on order.

Because of the special status of the seller ("tax exemption scheme"), the price paid is a tax-free price for domestic sales ie when the buyer resides in Belgium (B2C / B2B). The VAT rate of the country of the buyer applies for European sales under the European regulation of January 2015, this for sales to individuals (B2C). Sales to companies (B2B) are exempt from VAT if, however, the purchaser introduces his VAT number, which must be valid at the time of purchase, at that time. To do this, it must go to the screen to modify its address; prior to purchase. The VAT collected will be repaid by the seller, quarterly, to the country of the buyer.

The price paid by the client corresponds to

  • a one-year subscription service, in case of buying a license, provided by the seller, ie downloading aeSecure updates for one year. once the deadline has expired, the commercial version of the software will continue to be operational on the client's site but the latest versions will not be accessible. Only the free version will have available to or,
  • to the performance of a service, in the case of a website installation or cleaning. The service is deemed to have been completed when the installation / cleaning report is provided. If the service includes a subscription to the software, you will have the possibility to download it any new versions during the duration of this one.

If the subscription includes support (for Premium+ and Pro versions), the price include access to the technical forum for the duration of the subscription.

7. Payment

The price is payable in full in one payment on ordering.

The payment of purchases is made ​​by credit card via Paypal. Banking transaction is performed at the time of ordering.

Upon confirmation of the payment method used by the buyer, the order is confirmed and cannot be canceled or refunded.

8. Delivery

Delivery of digital works acquired on this site is made by downloading. After confirming the payment of the order, a web screen is displayed containinging a link to the purchased file(s). An Email containing this link as well as others pointing, among other things, to the terms and conditions will be sent to the buyer's email address.

9. Warranty, return and refund

Purchases of digital media are firm and definitive. They cannot be exchanged, refunded or withdrawn .

That is why a free version of aeSecure is available so that you can test the tool before purchasing it. AeSecure Premium is also available on the web site demo version, at the following address : demo.

10. Protection of personal data

The information required of clients are necessary to process orders or improve services that can be offered on the site. This information and data is also stored for security purposes to comply with legal and regulatory obligations.

The processing of personal data is done in compliance with the law relating to computers, files and freedoms of January 6, 1978. Anyone registered in this site has a right to access and correct personal data concerning him/her. Simply access your personal space, or contact us.

11. Responsibility

We are not responsible for any breach of contract due to force majeure (strike, flood, fire,etc.) and we cannot be held responsible for the content of sites on which these products are referenced.

We are not responsible either for application malfunctioning if it is installed on a site that does not meet the minimum technical requirements and if the source of the trouble is due to a third-party software application (a template, a plugin, etc.).

The installation of security software such as aeSecure may result in blocking a functionality of your website. So please proceed with the installation of aeSecure on a test site first so that you can test your site exhaustively. aeSecure publisher disclaims any liability in the event of malfunctioning. The publisher offers Premium+ users a forum where answers to their questions can be obtained.

In case of a bug in aeSecure, the publisher will make every diligent effort to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

12. Applicable Law

These general terms and conditions of sale are subject to Belgian law. Any dispute will be brought before the competent court for the geographical area where the registered office of the site administrator is located.

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